Hitting Pause

Some resources for how you can help right now

Normally, I’d be telling you some cheeky story right now about a time I defeated my middle school bully or a date gone awry, then wrap it around to something tech-related you can do to make yourself feel better. There isn’t space for that right now, and I don’t have the energy for it. People are hurting, racial injustice and police brutality are more prevalent than ever, and we need to confront the ways people of color have been hurt by the power structures in place.

We all want to help, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to know what to say, how to address it, or how to be a good ally. There’s no shortage of resources out there, but there’s a lot to sift through. Though it’s by no means a definitive list, I gathered together some readings and resources to help answer some of the questions you may have, and help give you a starting point to having tough conversations about injustice and racism with the people in your life.

We’ll be back with a new issue soon. Until then, stay safe out there.